Track Premiere: ZONDERWERK “DreamArp4Kort4”

Photo by Isaline Raes

Reality is a shifting plane through the emotive crystalscapes of Belgian duo ZONDERWERK’s “DreamArp4Kort4.” Their upcoming debut album, babel, was initially conceived as a soundtrack for a stage play. Filled with movement and wonder colored with a harsh, delicate edge, find “DreamArp4Kort4” scaling aural imagery into the distance while the emotive melodies pull us inward. This is music for dreaming but rife with tension and a desire to never wake up. “A dream about to pop into existence like a fragile entity of glass and metal,” they explain, the words floating restlessly through pensive synth sequences and an air of anxious wonder.

babel will be released by Dauw on April 21. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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