Video Premiere: Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary “Evicted In The Morning”

Front page photo by Ryan Easter

Saint Abdullah and Jason Nazary’s “Evicted In The Morning” is a welcome surprise filled with emotive textures and an evolving resonant language. Within a sparse framework, the trio carves out networks of interconnected spaces where messages flicker in one place before disappearing and moving on. Tempos rise and fall, shifting without warning, building engaging sonic layers reflected in the video’s imagery. 

Filmmaker Aref Qasem explains his approach, “I took the name “Evicted in the morning” through literal, metaphorical and metaphysical routes,” continuing, “As for the metaphysical, I would say I’m trying to convey a journey of spiritual purification through ascetic means, hence why I inserted footage of a Sufi gathering, and footage of a beach to represent the meeting the edge of the physical world and the spiritual plain.” It echoes the scattershot emotions buried in the piece. Nazary’s dusty rhythms press forward, building tension while holding the mood together. Resolutions aren’t necessarily found in “Evicted In The Morning,” but the path it follows is always worth the trip.

Evicted In The Morning is out now on Disciples. Grab a copy HERE.

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