Video Premiere: Andreas Brandal “Tundra”

“Tundra” is both abrasive and oddly beautiful. Thick slabs of bass oscillations growl and snicker in sinking sludge in an endless loop. Andreas Brandal pulls the world apart piece by piece, scattering sonic remnants into deep space where they freeze on contact. Cold, sterile undercurrents crack under enormous pressure on “Tundra,” scavenging the darkest corners of our minds for the secret code to unlock the end game. Black and white collage-like imagery flashes chaotically across the screen, hypnotizing us, lulling us into a state of mind where our fears are lost, and our dreams are shattered. 

“Tundra” appears on Trapdoor Crucifix, now available for pre-order from Lighten Up Sounds. Grab it HERE.

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