Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #16: Susanna Gonzo & Stefan Christoff

This mix is a celebration of our collaboration on the album AIR. Susanna graciously agreed to work on some artwork for the cover and shared some beautiful watercolor paintings. I connected with Susanna through mutual artist friends surrounding the process of organizing the Musicians For Palestine open letter. Susanna made the drawings for both incarnations of the letter artwork. Our common interest in community and solidarity across borders is expressed in this mix, many of the tracks are worked on by friends and collaborators around the world. The piece by the wonderful Amir Elsaffar is from a recent mixtape that was released to support the global BDS movement called People of Eternity. Thank you for listening and thank you to Foxy Digitalis for sharing. –– Stefan Christoff.


Sosena Gebre Eyesus – ድንግል ባንቺ አፍሬ (Dengil Banchi Aferie)
Agnese Menguzzato – nightstand
Junge Eko – Maybe moon
Tuce Alba – Ses ve Öfke
A Queer Anthology of Drums – Valentina Magaletti
Ben Brown – after existence
Amir Elsaffar – Reaching Upward
Stefan Christoff – Projection
Stefan Christoff – Altitude
Stefan Christoff – Departure
Anarchist Mountains – Glacier
Rêves sonores – Svalbard
Rêves sonores – Spirodon (excerpt)

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