Video Premiere: Eve Maret “I Draw a Circle”

Video by Helen Gilley

Eve Maret casts neon spells on “I Draw a Circle,” the first offering from her forthcoming album, New Noise. “I draw a circle around me,” she sings, “to protect my energy” as arpeggiating synth patterns and searing, distorted leads climb toward the bright sky. Luminous hues run through Helen Gilley’s video and the song’s joyful, propulsive cadence. Maret’s music leads her on interdimensional travels into magenta and violet forests before finding a pathway into the sun. Heightened by the video’s imagery, “I Draw a Circle” creates a sense of drama and mystery, pushing us to look inward. The song is effusive and effervescent, moving confidently through open, unexplored spaces and leaving sonic glitter in its wake. 

New Noise will be released on July 6 by Curious Music. Pre-order HERE.

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