Track Premiere: William Selman “Leaky Paradise”

From a quixotic trickle, an entire atmospheric world unfolds. Synthetic aquifers spring into crisp atmospheres, buoyed by gentle orchestrations and elegant vibraphone resonances. William Selman’s intricate sound world is rich with vivid details coloring in the aural textures of “Leaky Paradise” with concentric melodies and blurred boundaries. It’s difficult to tell where field recordings end and simulated landscapes begin, but each stretched note and tactile pattern further distracts from the decay outside its imaginary bubble. Yet, experience and reality bleed in, giving “Leaky Paradise” an emotional heft and an ephemeral, reassuring timbre. 

The Weather Indoors will be released on May 19 by Mysteries of the Deep. Steam “Leaky Paradise” below and pre-order the album HERE.

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