Video Premiere: Methods Body “Baphomet”

Front page photo by Mia Reiko Braverman

Scattered thoughts coalesce around a focused spontaneity, echoing off the angular architecture of “Baphomet,” creating intricate sonic webs that spread across the black sky. Methods Body’s approach is broken and repurposed, sending the duo of Luke Wyland and John Niekrasz into new creative spaces. “Baphomet” skitters through evolving aural ecosystems, leaving percussive textures and textures on all surfaces, like a charred slime trail tracing meandering paths out of the chaos. All of this is reflected in Taylor Ross’s video of cryptic shapes and textural evolutions. Simultaneously moving in multiple directions makes “Baphomet” feel impossible, but through fractured melodies, fragmented and heavily processed voices, and an underlying tonal embrace, we get there in the end. 

Plural Not Possessive will be released on June 16 by Beacon Sound. Pre-order HERE.

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