Video Premiere: John Swanke “Dance of the Green Crab”

Front page photo by Erin Schwindt-Swanke

The salty sea air permeates every chord progression and every lilting melody of John Swanke’s beguiling “Dance of the Green Crab.” Coastlines trace psychedelic throughlines in the emotive keys swirling through the song’s forward march. It’s music that sinks in without a trace, moving through our veins and into our bones with quiet assurance. In the video, the track’s namesake scours the beach, an invasive species clawing its way to supremacy. Like the song, they’re impossible to ignore, and eventually, we’re taken away on the drift.

John Swanke’s Soundings in Fathoms will be released on May 19 by Lighten Up Sounds. Pre-order HERE.

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