Album Premiere: Diego Caicedo “Ascendit In Inferno”

Dichotomies are everything on Diego Caicedo’s Ascendit In Inferno. The Colombian guitarist (currently based in Barcelona) keeps listeners alert as he nimbly moves from one mode to another. In the opening corridors, acoustic guitar plucks wind circuitous pathways through jagged scenery, evoking moving figures and craggy peaks. A perilous shadow looms across Ascendit In Inferno, shrouding sparks and nightmares in a desolate gloom. When Caicedo flips the switch and electricity flows, Haino-esque shredders pour through broken speakers. Everything is drenched with distorted frequencies and brutalist tone fragments. Caicedo opts to burn the whole thing down so he can construct another twisting, organic path in the next breath. 

Ascendit In Inferno is being released on School of the Arts. Stream it below and grab a copy HERE.

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