Video Premiere: Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf “Cohen”

Tension is an immovable force on Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf’s “Cohen.” Relentless, searching aural fields collide with swelling emotions, building dramatic crescendos and poignant, reflective peaks. Time is a disintegrating circle on “Cohen,” reality breaking through each crack in the piece’s sonic fabric. Cryptic imagery in the video, directed by Rosendorf himself, heightens the unsettling realizations saturating each tonal shift in the song. Together, it’s utterly engrossing.

Rosendorf is joined by William Ryan Fritch on cello and Jarboe on vocals, adding considerable fuel to this churning fire. Drones emit fading light, casting shadows into dust before the world falls apart one more time. 

“Cohen” appears on Rosendorf’s forthcoming album, Internal Return, which will be released on June 9 via Negative Capability Editions. Pre-order HERE.

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