The Seltzer Salon #1: Joe Posset & Union Pole Tapes

I am thrilled to share the first episode of The Seltzer Salon, a new series under the Foxy Digitalis banner that focuses on small conversations with a range of musicians, artists, writers, and whoever about various projects and ideas. I have long enjoyed listening to interviews, but I do not have the time to sit uninterrupted for an hour or more and really dig into many of these types of episodes. Granted, it’s easy to break them into multiple sessions, but I like the idea of more focused conversations about one (or two) projects – concise and convenient, hopefully, interesting for all. 

With that, this conversation with Joe Posset about his new blog, All My Ideas Are Stolen, exploring the original 76 tapes on Union Pole, is the perfect starting point. I can trace the beginning of my interest in ‘outsider’ music in a direct line to the Union Pole label. When Joe mentioned this project to me earlier in the year, I was thrilled and knew we had to talk about it at some point. Well, here we are.

The blog can be found HERE. Union Pole’s website is HERE, and the Bandcamp page is HERE.

The Seltzer Salon is hosted by Brad Rose and produced by Foxy Digitalis. Episodes are not on a regular schedule, but are available via Foxy Digitalis or wherever your listen to podcasts.

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