Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #19: Andreas Brandal

I’ve been letting Andreas Brandal’s latest album, Trapdoor Crucifix, massage my brain late at night, especially when I need a distraction. Its serrated oscillations and stochastic rhythms are terrifying on some level, but viscerally, this music is so satisfying on a base level that I feel entombed and oddly comforted. Trapdoor Crucifix is massive. Brandal brings a different spirit to this mix, called All Over the Place, but the trip it sends us on is no less exciting. From Andreas:

Through the years, I have made friends in every corner of the world. This is what some of them sound like. 


Drowning the Virgin Silence – Dervish Foul Mimer (From the album Lepra Selenic released on Skin Trade Recordings in 2020)
Puberty – 3 (From the album THTG released on Flophouse in 2020)
Grey Magik – Marble Hands (From the self titled album released on Muzan Editions in 2020)
Rambutan – Shallow Motion (From the album Inverted Summer released on Fabrica records in 2013)
OVERSCN – A Quiet Place (From the album Dirac Sea released on Muzan Editions in 2022)
Parenthetical – Water (From the album Void released on Histamine Tapes in 2021)
Regosphere – Lone Fir Cemetery (From the album Full Of Holes Volume Two released on Dumpster Score in 2012)
Indiegubben – Längs Rälsen (From the album Mörka Moln released on Noir Age in 2022)
Mike Nigro – Black Into Green (From the album Goodbyes released on Oxtail Recordings in 2015)
Torba – Jòdk Ì Vèr (From the album Musique Inconcrète released on Fragment Factory in 2019)
Cole Peters – Carbon (From the album A Stable Means of Degradation released on Grisaille in 2016)
Chemiefaserwerk – Im Falschen Film (From the album Collagen released on Falt in 2016)
Reet Maff’l – The Inability To Intone / I Don’t Understand (From the album Brass Neck Evocation / Gospel
released on Bloxham Tapes in 2021)
Continental Fruit – Coer Tiq (From the album Ears Alert released on Case Records in 2020)
Endurance – Collapsing Giants (From the album Endurance, self released by the artist in 2017)
Urthsla – Dream Catalogue (From the album Mal Auf Mal released on A Giant Fern in 2017)
Hiram – Trillium (From the album Air Songs released on Aural Canyon in 2022)

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