Track Premiere: Emily Kuhn “Ghost of Us”

Photo by Grace Pisula

Feverish streams jostle for position in the obtuse angles of Emily Kuhn’s beguiling “Ghosts of Us.” Melodic silhouettes from Kuhn’s harmon muted trumpet ghost through the pointillist rhythms, filling empty space while weaving through the wake of Erik Skov’s guitar. “I wrote Ghosts of Us when I sat down at the piano after coming home from a long pandemic walk, disoriented by how empty my neighborhood felt,” she explains, “I was struck by the way Chicago felt like a ghost town in the early days of the pandemic, with so much of the city suspended in time and place and unable to work or go to school, while the news was changing by the minute.” Over the piece’s six minutes, a timeless feeling sets in, moving through languid grooves, connecting dots of darkness and light. It’s infectious.

Ghosts of Us will be released on June 23 via Bace Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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