Video Premiere: Another Dark December “Lockdown Drones (Case Study #4)”

I swear, every time I listen to Another Dark December’s “Lockdown Drones (Case Study #4),” it messes with my brain chemistry. Caustic frequencies flicker in and out, swirled around cryptic samples and globular electronics. It’s disorienting, fueling the underlying horror of the piece’s message blaring through nd dentico’s excellent video: The Anthropocene is Ending. Pixelated filters melt into disjointed imagery, mimicking the disconnected rhythmic feel grating throughout “Lockdown Drones (Case Study #4).” This music is enigmatic but accessible and oddly satisfying.

Another Dark December’s Anthropocene​s Apocalypse and other various anxieties is out now on Histamine Tapes. Grab a copy HERE.

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