Video Premiere: Lily Taylor “Kepler Wells”

Front page photo by Daven Martinez

In the hazy neon hues of “Kepler Wells,” Lily Taylor spins a lullaby into the celestial sprawl in collaboration with Black Taffy. Slow movements heighten the emotive, cascading melodies as her voice drips with an elegiac gracefulness. “I wanted to capture a story about remembering our journeys in life, about when we feel lost,” Taylor shares, “and how those memories can bring hope in the present moment to help us get to our future.” 

There’s a glowing power in the quiet swells, the skeletal sonic framework packing sweet punch after sweet punch, all reflected in Julie McKendrick’s fantastic video. However, Taylor’s vocals are incandescent, pulling us deeper into the liminal recesses between minimalist rhythms and music box-like keys. “There is something about this piece I can’t quite pin down… personally, it feels fresh and old school at the same time, which seems to be fitting for the theme within the lyric,” Taylor explains. Even when we feel we can’t move, we’re still looking forward.

Lily Taylor’s new album, Amphora, will be released on July 21. Pre-order HERE.

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