Video Premiere: David T. Little “Black Lodge:  Theory of Puncture”

David T. Little’s Black Lodge project is a wild trip. “It was 113° in the Mojave when we arrived to capture the long shadows cast by the setting sun,” Little shares. The extreme environment perfectly lends itself to the music itself. An all-encompassing, overwhelming performance from Timur and the Dime Museum, along with Isaura String Quartet, punctuates the blackened drama with operatic, incisive sonic engagement. Desert-baked visuals heighten the intensity of Little’s composition, bringing so many ideas into a dust-laden focus. Hyperactive threads zoom in seemingly infinite directions, all intersecting and coalescing into a blinding catharsis. 

“Fighting dust devils, sunburn, and dehydration in a windswept apocalypse, we filmed “A Theory of Puncture,” says Little, continuing, “I can think of no better setting for this track, where the many threads of Black Lodge finally come together, then scatter again, unresolved.”

Black Lodge is out now on Cantaloupe Music. Stream below and order a copy HERE. Watch the film trailer for Michael Joseph McQuilken’s Black Lodge HERE.

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