Video Premiere: GAŁGAŁ “Angst”

If “Angst” is the sonic calling card for someone dreaming of being someplace else, that other world must be a wild, riveting rollercoaster. GAŁGAŁ (Michał Krajczok) formulates multidimensional odysseys from synthetic, glassine sounds and frenetic rhythms. At times, there’s no rhyme or reason to “Angst,” but as its glitching forward march continues, we can’t help but be taken by its architectural gravity. Krajczok moves at lightspeed, but each element is crystal clear, and the tonal combinations are oddly satisfying. The video brings these vivid musical escapades to life, gathering a debris collection and sculpting it into something bizarre and mesmerizing.

“Angst” appears on Ich schw​ö​re ich hab Angst, out now on Abstand. Grab it HERE.

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