Video Premiere: Black To Comm “Houdini Rites” & “Traum GmbH”

Black To Comm’s Alphabet 1968 is at the pinnacle of the late 2000s experimental music pantheon (Type Records forever). Newly reissued, BTC’s Marc Richter put together this video for two of the album’s standout tracks, “Houdini Rites” and “Traum GmbH.” Drama and tension coalesce through gamelan-esque percussion and ritualistic drones of “Houdini Rites” as an effigy burns in the background. Voices circle the sonic maw, a cryptic invitation to dive in headfirst. “Traum GmbH” is the comedown, a deep exhalation. As the purple fire sparks and spreads, quixotic aural washes pull us back from the edge, moving closer to the darkening night.

Alphabet 1968 and EARTH are both being reissued by Cellule 75 tomorrow, June 30. Grab copies HERE.

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