Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #23: Artetetra

Milan’s Artetetra label has only been on my radar for the last six months or so, but I can’t get enough of the neon, fourth world sounds they’re sending into space. There are so many wild sonic experimentations to dig into, it’s hard to know where to begin (I may suggest today’s release from Mondoriviera, a highlight in a psychedelic sea of them). Or, better yet, listen to this mix, entitled Imaginal Family Ltd.2, from the label of music they’ve released, friends, and adjacent sounds. 

Some more info from Artetetra:

A one-hour mix containing our latest catalog and upcoming releases, wacky Babau material, recent discoveries from the floating world, last endeavors from friends, kins, and likeminded labels, and generally a lot of microsound sampledelia from the net.


Kaonasty – If Rosewood is a Jungle Theme Level Music (Chon Remix).mp3
Jacopo Buda – We Change
David Edren – Uurwerk
Memotone – Paradise Drips
Kinked – Caldo Dei Grani
Deep Sea Animals – Side A (excerpt)
Piezo – LSD Superhero
JQ – Hiding Place
Babau – Enshrined Underflow
Tomutonttu – Alician ylistys
Mondoriviera – Greko
식료품groceries – I. (excerpt)
ASP Doze – Nylon Typhoon
Señor Service – Spaziale Splendy
Everland Music – 少年 – Shonen
Pasamoan Art Initiated – Camin Taruih
Rainbow Island – Tulpa Therapy Blues
Sima Okas – Mallards
Il Cloro – Aquarius
Heta Bilaletdin – Peilikakku
Roma Vjazemski – I Used To Have (feat. Tapes)
Equohm – Primo Tango
Babau – Flatland Explorations Vol.2 (excerpt)
Henry Kawahara ヘンリー川原_南風 – #4 Minami kaze 南風
Deep Sea Animals – Side B (excerpt)
Reptilian Expo – armonia phlemmica
keisuke s.d. – Points Of Dislocation
Voronhil – ACT05 PART08 BOXED IN
Dilian – Just lost a Monopoly game to my 13 yo self
Trans Zimmer & The DJs – Pizz Off

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