Video Premiere: Noémi Büchi “Prelude for Rational Freshness”

Video by Christoffer Joergensen

Worlds created from revolving scraps of everyday objects follow the exploratory sonic spirit of Noémi Büchi’s “Prelude for Rational Freshness.” Lightning arpeggios gloss into dazzling waves, rising like celebratory tides and fading into apprehensive restraint. Büchi creates a sense of grandeur through these shifting chord progressions and changing moods, all heightened by Christoffer Joergensen’s hypnotizing video. Shapes create universes in constant motion, pushing our thoughts inward before scattering them across the cosmos.

“Our ability to imagine worlds that do not exist is at the core of religion, science, and art. The spaces and figures in these worlds serve us as mental tools in the construction of a sensual, meaningful life,” Joergensen shares, “‘Prelude for Rational Freshness’ shows a cosmos that doesn’t exist, but the space it opens up is real in its own way.” The video’s imagery offers a multitude of interpretations, leaving viewers to construct their own stories from the captivating pieces.

Synth tones wane in and out of focus, the clarity of the timbre sharpening subconscious memories into a forward path. Büchi carves melodies into these constantly-moving passages. Once we find a grounding within this beautiful aural storm, there’s nowhere we can’t go.

“Prelude for Rational Freshness” appears on Matter, out now on -OUS. Listen to it HERE.

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