Track Premiere: Florry “Take My Heart”

“Take My Heart” starts with a pop, Francie Medosch’s unforgettable voice a clawhammer strike right at the core. “Take my heart,” she pleads, “and be kind” over a rickety stew of Dinosour Jr.-esque guitar scrawl and simmering pedal steel. Inside the restrained bombast of earworm verses and an anthemic chorus, melodies flash bright smiles while fiddles howl at the sun. Florry bounce forward on an elastic bassline with Medosch carrying the lumber, ready to build bridges to a more hopeful horizon. 

The Holey Bible will be released on August 4 by Dear Life Records. Stream below and pre-order HERE, and don’t miss Florry on tour later this month with Kurt Vile and Horsegirl.

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