The Seltzer Salon #7: Nina Dante & The Snake Said to the River

Straight up, I love Nina Dante and her project, The Snake Said to the River. It has brought me so much joy over the last year or so, and continues to just thrill and excite me. In it, Dante digs into music and writing from Medieval era, traditional folk music, plus her own original pieces. There’s also exploration of the natural world and the histories (and mysteries) of language. It’s whimsical and wonderful in every way (kind of like Nina!). We get into the origins of her interest in all things witchy and medieval, favorite flowers, early music, and so much more. 

The Snake Said to the River on Instagram
The Snake Said to the River on YouTube
The Snake Said to the River on TikTok
Nina Dante + Bethany Younge Lizard Tongue

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