Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #26: Michel Gasco & Lachlan R. Dale – Afghan Music

Afghan Music In Exile: Mashhad 2022 is one of the most impactful albums I’ve heard this year. Produced by Michel Gasco and Lachlan R. Dale, it captures the incredible music and talent of classical Afghan artists living in exile. Every layer of the release is striking, but the music itself is utterly transcendent. I can’t stop listening to it. In connection with the album, Gasco and Dale have compiled this wonderful mix of Afghan music to expand on and further tell the story. 

Afghan Music In Exile: Mashhad 2022 is out now on Worlds Within Worlds.

Compiled by Michel Gasco & Lachlan R. Dale, with help from Qais Essar, Ustad Ghulam Nabi and Murtaza Damoon.


0:00: Qais Essar, Neelamjit Dhillon, Sandeep Singh – Bhairavi: Dhun

3:32: Mahmoud Khushnawaz – Be Mahalle Sang Terashan

7:30: Aziz Herawi – Naghme

10:26: Ustad Sarahang – Bekas Shaheedam

16:05: Ustad Mohammad Omar – Rag Bhupali

25:16: Asef Habibi – Feraq

33:08: Qamar Gula – Wa Malanga Yara

35:20: Ustad Rahim Khushnawaz – Assadullah Jan

41:04: Ustad Nawak Herati – Booseh Az Rooye Mahrooyan

45:25: Nasim Khushnawaz – Sahargah

50:24: Ami Mohammad – Ambari Moya Deewana Kard

59:31 Mansour Jalal – An Amazing Mast Remix

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