Video Premiere: Pascal Le Boeuf (with Charles Yang & Nick Photinos) “Obliquely Wrecked”

A muted, yet purposeful cadence begins, the tempo relentless and unyielding. In this unique tribute to drum’n’bass pioneer Luke Vibert, intense energy dances in the sonic arrangements. “‘Obliquely Wrecked. is a reflection of my love for both Vibert and David Lang’s music, the music communities they helped create, and what can happen when these worlds crash into each other,” Pascal Le Boeuf explains. His fingers dance across the keys, stamping out intricate patterns and landing on discordant exclamations. Nicholas Photinos and Charles Yang on cello and violin, respectively, building into moments of transcendental aural drama. 

The performance captured in the video is dizzying and hypnotizing, heightening the ferocity of the music. Once the music grabs us, there’s no turning back. 

Comparatively, an alternate version of the song with drummer Justin Brown appears on the album, Ritual Being. It expands the palette and brings an added improvisational layer, offering a further take on such a captivating piece.

Ritual Being will be released on August 25. Pre-order a copy HERE.

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