Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #27: Cerca

I covered Cerca’s lovely new album, Ash-a-Sha, on Foxy Digitalis Daily recently, and it’s been an album I’ve returned to regularly. It’s resonant, and at times ecstatic, but always beautiful sound world is such a warm, inviting place. Gilded guitar romps give way to textured, understated drones as Cerca fills in all the gaps between them. On this mix, he carries that spirit outward and through time, sharing songs that have been an influence on recent works.

Ash-a-Sha is out now.


Sacred Harp – Rappahannock, from “Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation” (Hands in the Dark, 2010)
Beti – Obama Ondoua Ebini, from “Musiques Du Cameroun” (Ocora, 1984)
Mountains – Nest, from “Mountains, Mountains, Mountains” (Thrill Jockey, 2013)
Unknown Artist – Thum Nyatiti Solo, from “The Nairobi Sound” (Original Music, 1982)
United Sacred Harp Musical Association – Morning Prayer, from “The Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959” (Mississippi Records, 2013)
Andreas Martin – Die Saganhaften Huhne, from “Doppelpunkt Vor Ort” (Robot Records, 1994)
G. Nomyer – Dance Tune of Western Mongolia, from “Mongolia Traditional Music” (Auvidis, 1991)
Tashi Dorji, Ian McColm, & Frank Meadows: Horizon Point – A Pinprick, from “The Power of Water” (Trouble in Mind, 2021)
Demitrios Halkias – Selfos (Nightingale), from “Why The Mountains Are Black” (Third Man Records, 2016)
Carry – The New Home, from “Learning Music” (2021)
Pelt – Sun is Standing, from “Max Meadows” (VHF Records, 1997)
A Happy Return – Festoon, from “A Happy Return” (Spillage Fete, 2018)
Rebby Sharp – Some Men, from “In One Mouth And Out The Other” (Shimmy Disc, 1989)
Branko Mataja – Sreo Sam Te, from “Traditional and Folk Songs of Yugoslavia” (Essar Records, 1974)
Dais Queue – An audience, from “I live here” (Oxtail Recordings, 2022)

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