Video Premiere: Balmorhea “Oscuros” (Live)

Within the expressive sonic elegies of Balmorhea’s “Oscuros,” hard-won truths are sought out. Melodies move wistfully with purpose, hanging in the air like smoke, a warning, and a beacon. We’re drawn into the resonant spaces of this music simply through its sonic presence. Joining founders Rob Lowe and Michael A. Muller on this live performance of “Oscuros” are the incredible trio of Aisha Burns, Heather Broderick, and Christian Euman. Burns and Broderick’s string work snakes through the slow dance of piano and guitar arrangements, saturating the lilting atmospheres with an infectious timelessness. Wordless vocals by Low and Broderick pierce the darkening veil with understated radiant timbres.

The original version of “Oscuros” appears on Balmorhea’s new album, Pendant World, out now on Deutsche Grammophon.

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