Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #28: Aquarelle

Aquarelle’s new album, Verdant Machine, pushes the boundaries of the aural domains he’s explored in the last 10+ years. Evocative drones and engaging soundscapes are still present, but there’s a sharper edge to the sonic environment. Verdant Machine is inviting, but once Potts pulls us inside, the atmosphere turns visceral and becomes an overwhelming delight.

Verdant Machine is OUT NOW on Debacle Records.

Here’s some background on this mix from Potts:

It includes some of my favorite music over the last few years but more than anything I wanted to explore the idea of transitions between musical ideas. It’s an obsession when I’m creating and editing my own music and I wanted to try to expand that idea to this mix. Some tracks overlap for several minutes and there are stark cuts for others. In general, I labor and agonize over the comingling of different passages of sounds because I just can’t help myself and it was interesting and freeing to apply it here to music I love. 


The Ruthless Act — Aleksandra Słyż
Mel — Soft Tissue
Same Lotus — Wheatie Mattiasich
Body/Erase — Body/Dilloway/Head
Heliocentricity — Byron Westbrook
Sculpture I (For Two Organs) — Ellen Arkbro
Natural Light — Flowertown
Drifts — Powers/Rolin Duo
Kehä B — Olli Aarni
Sunken Lupine — Damiana
Crack the Juice Code — Josh Mason
Theresa — The Gabys

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