Video Premiere: The Organizing Committee “Beyond Response”

Neon movement and dancing soundscapes bounce off one another in the mesmerizing video for The Organizing Committee’s “Beyond Response.” Created by Eryk Salvaggio, the project uses various digital tools to question the logic and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence while composing infectious electronic music. 

“Since the beginning, The Organizing Committee was about testing what was possible with AI while raising questions about their underlying logic,” Salvaggio explains, continuing, “In my recent visual work, I’m trying to push these systems toward misbehavior.” Tension permeates the song, built on the differences between human perception and a computer’s awareness of the world. 

In discussing the piece’s themes, Salvaggio shares, “‘Beyond Response,’ is a song contrasting the way computers process the world and the way humans do.” A propulsive cadence sets the stage for prcessed vocals and glassine tonal layers to move in conjunction . “It was also a nice way to dodge the trap of recreating training data and push the system into doing something new – another idea that we try to get at through the lyrics, as simple as they are.”

The Organizing Committee’s new album, Communication in the Presence of Noise, will be released by No Type in October. Salvaggio is currently curating the art rotation at Defcon 31’s AI Village, which kicks off today in Las Vegas.

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