Track Premiere: Ratsmagick “A Generous Pour”

Photo by Dan Zadorozhnyy

Time moves backyards before standing still on Ratsmagick’s “A Generous Pour.” Dennis Martinelli’s latest is intricate and ancient, channeling a well-worn spirit to find a jangling path back into the woods. “A generous pour for my dear friends,” Martinelli sings, “One last hurrah before my untimely end.” It’s matter-of-fact and his plaintive delivery adds a surprising lightness to the rollicking guitar and fiddle melodies while dissonance lurks in the distance. “A Generous Pour” is for the forgotten, the shadow worlds left behind in the race toward infinite, dying futures. Before slipping off the dock and into the murk where everything comes apart, Martinelli fires one final missive, “And our children and their children have no future.”

Ratsmagick’s Hushing the Sparkling Well will be released on August 25 by Deathbomb Arc. Stream “A Generous Pour” below and pre-order the album HERE.

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