Video Premiere: Gina Izzo [ladyybirdd] “Mirror(s)”

Gina Izzo’s electro-acoustic solo guise, ladyybirdd, is the Wild West of solo flute music. Dizzying sonic layers spin kaleidoscopic narratives into an electrifying performance on “Mirror(s),” the first single from ladyybirdd’s debut album, Tomorrow’s Yesterday. 

Tomorrow’s Yesterday represents a sound I have developed over the past ten years, utilizing the acoustic flute through a series of analog pedals and modular synthesizers,” Izzo shares, “The flute timbres are altered through extended techniques, and effects such as layering, looping, reverb, delay, and distortion, among others.”

Photo by Shervin Lainez / Styling by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

Urgency builds and then breaks apart in the frenetic cadence, brisk melodies dancing on invisible glass aloft in the distance. The video reinforces the free-flowing dichotomies in “Mirror(s).” Calmness permeates the undercurrents, Izzo projecting a determination from multiple positions and angles. Progressive rhymes push everything skyward and build on the coalescing flute arrangements, electronic textures, and quickfire runs. It’s the best kind of whirlwind where we need a minute to catch our collective breath once it’s over.

Tomorrow’s Yesterday will be released on August 25 by Innova and features guests Ambrose Akinmusire, Immanuel Wilkins, Nick Dunston, and more. Pre-order HERE.

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