Video Premiere: Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido “Wachte”

Jeroen Kimman’s Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido has quietly become a favorite of mine in recent years, and with the release of two lovely new albums this summer, that admiration has only grown. “Wachte,” from the newest record, Rimpianti, holds the melancholy of a moment in stillness aloft. “I find it represents the ‘Tiempo Perdido’ part of the project name very much,” Kimman explains, “And for this video, it seemed the right moment to dig up some of the footage I made in Venice a while ago, a place where time seems suspended.”

Gentle chord progressions heighten an underlying emotional turmoil, building tension as we try to keep darkness at bay. Bowed strings bring rough textures, echoing an overwhelming sadness we try to ignore even though it’s impossible. Plucked guitar notes invent careful patterns accented by piano shards, retracing steps we should have taken if we’d been more aware. “Wachte” longs for the moments that come after because they seem impossibly far away.

“Wachte” appears on the newest Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido album, Rimpianti, out today and available HERESepk, another stunner, was released in June and is available HERE.

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