Video Premiere: Solbore feat Lachlan R. Dale & Aphir “We Forget”

Everything eventually ends, but within that fleeting impermanence, so much beauty can be found. Solbore’s “We Forget” situates itself firmly in that space, drifting on ambient, electronic waves that spread across the distance. Liminal landscapes emerge from the aural clouds, heightened by the reflective melody from Lachlan R. Dale’s rubab. Tension swims through the sonic channels of expressive drones and swelling synths. Aphir’s voice buoys the emotional core, sending ghostly harmonies throughout the expansive scope. All of this comes together in Michel Gasco’s fantastic video, filmed on the Iranian side of the Iran/Afghanistan border, tying the vast, endless expanses together with small, human moments, its muted palette echoing the restraint buried within “We Forget.”

Solbore’s Never Alone, Often Lonely will be released by Rainbow Bridge on February 16, 2024.

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