Track Premiere: Green-House “A Host For All Kinds of Life”

Atmospheres are glowing, lush, and welcoming on “A Host For All Kinds of Life” while still creating a place to look backward through time. Wistful chord progressions flow like a gentle sonic river, pulling our memories into the future on crystalline tone patterns. Green-House, now the duo of Olive Ardizoni and Michael Flanagan, creates worlds that are spaces for reflection on our own world, twisting expansive tonal spheres into reflections of joy and whimsy, and where those emotions fit against the growing darkness.

Spacious synth arrangements dot the horizon, buoyed by emotive electronic waves and piano expressions before layered arpeggios sweep in like a capricious aural fog. Organic reverie dances with an understated tension, excited yet unsure about the future ahead.

A Host For All Kinds of Life will be released on October 13 by Leaving Records. Stream below, watch/listen via YouTube, and pre-order HERE.

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