The Seltzer Salon #13: Nick Millevoi

I interviewed Nick Millevoi just over a year ago, but when his new album, Digital Reaction, came out, a lot of new questions started popping into my head. Then, he shared the video for “Spins of the Axis” and mentioned it’s inspiration from the movie RAD, a favorite of mine as a kid that I a) hadn’t thought about it years (decades!?) and b) thought nobody else had seen (I had no idea it was re-released in 2020), and so I knew I needed to do a Seltzer Salon with him. Nick is one of the best guitarists on the planet, but it’s the way he uses his skill and technique to explore unexpected zones and, perhaps most notably, have some damn fun always grabs me. Digital Reaction is an absolute joy to listen to.

Digital Reaction 

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