Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #30: Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf

It’s no secret how into Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf’s new album, Internal Return, I am. I keep finding new stories in it, new sounds to take me to different places. It’s a layered, meticulous piece of work. To continue showing that appreciation, I asked him to put a mix together for Foxy Digitalis and it does not disappoint.

Internal Return is available HERE.


Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf – Rückkehr (Irisarri Resurging Earthquake) 

Litvrgy – Pagan Dawn

Black Ox Orkestar – Az Vey Dem Tatn

Burhan Öçal & Pete Namlook  – Yenilik (Part II)

Swans – Cloud Of Unknowing (Edit)

The For Carnation – Being Held

John Coltrane – Spiritual

La Monte Young – The Well-Tuned Piano (Edit)

Sunn O))) – Alice

Eno Moebius Roedelius – The Belldog

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