Track Premiere: Moebius “Synthetic”

Jagged rhythms and sounds from a long-dreamed future landscape drop on the world like a sonic bomb as soon as “Synthetic” hits the floor. Dieter Moebius never stopped looking forward and the sounds on “Synthetic,” recorded in the early 2000s, sound contemporary 20 years on. Composer Tim Story recounts when he first heard these pieces in 2005 during one of Moebius’s US visits. “On the last night, it was down to just Moebi and I and a little Scotch at the kitchen table, when Moebi pulled out his minidisc player with some new tracks he’d been working on. I loved them and asked if I could copy them to my hard drive,” he shares. “Moebi graciously agreed, though he wasn’t at all sure what, if anything, he would do with them.”

Melodies fracture into disjointed, captivating cadences awash with sharp timbres, as though Moebius is dancing on a crystalline knife edge. Synths glop onto reflective surfaces, molding voices into aural oddities that become surprisingly transcendent patterns. None of it makes sense and nobody would ever want it to be any other way. “Synthetic” is such a fun, incredible ride. 

Aspirin will be released by Curious Music on October 6. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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