Track Premiere: Kenneth James Gibson “Poured Semi Silently Upon You” (Christopher Willits Remix)

Time stands still, and the world’s sonic echoes continue ringing. Slow movements rise and fall through rich, fog-laden valleys as Christopher Willits blurs the lines between the seen and unseen. Sharp synth timbres are an accent to the underlying swells, pointed reminders of the emotive depths hidden within, aloft on pensive guitar clouds. Each note stretches like a shadow toward the horizon, always reaching and always searching. Gibson’s music is timeless and Willits leans into that feeling, stopping us in our tracks and allowing us to gracefully enter this elegiac space.

Gibson’s Further Translations will be released on November 10 via Meadows Heavy Recordings, and features remixes by awakened souls, Jack Dangers, Willits, Scanner, Brian McBride, Less Bells, Chuck Johnson,Konstantin Gabbro, and himself. Stream below and pre-order HERE.  

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