Video Premiere: Kuma “What It’s Like To Be Robbed Of Time”

In the moments we least expect it, but often at the times we need it most, the ether speaks back. Kuma’s latest for Frosti, We Have Dark Friends, was written and recorded in Spring 2022 when he was dealing with COVID-19. Thick sonic haze is sliced to shreds with searing guitar drones and lithe, atmospheric synth motifs. Disorientation singes the threads running through “What It’s Like To Be Robbed Of Time,” the gloss here feeling ominous like a pristine warning. We get lost within slow, expanding swells, and our heart begins to race as we drift away in the sound.

We Have Dark Friends will be released tomorrow, September 20 by Frosti. Pick up a copy on cassette or digital formats HERE.

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