Foxy Digitalis Mix Season 3, #32: Sofía Bertomeu

Sofía Bertomeu’s new EP, The Uncertainty Principle, is full of angular rhythmic structures and skeletal atmospheres. Each piece is a world unto itself, stitched together through a connective spirit and adjacent sonic elements. Bertomeu shows considerable restraint throughout, letting go of only the sounds needed to convey a message or mood, and leaving spaces for listeners to fill in with their imaginations, building their own new worlds in the process.

The Uncertainty Principle is out now on Low Versions. Listen to it and pick up a copy HERE.


Pleq & Lauki – Telogen
Subheim – Take Me Back
ASC – Marine Layer – Snowday
Roly Porter – High Places
Raär – Leave Me In My Broken Dreams
NGLY – Speechless Tape
XZICD – MkTuxsh6.-Qç
Dycide (Kaf Remix) – Weira
Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound In a Dark Room
Opiate – Opto File 1

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