Video Premiere: Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf “Immer Besser”

Light beams made from snaking string melodies cut jagged holes in the harsh, resonant atmosphere of “Immer Besser,” letting the outside world for the first time in eons. Percussive swashes welcome the cascading arrangements before everything guest drummer Greg Fox touches explodes into a full-force sonic gale. This music is huge, the anthems of another bending toward unknown horizons. Guitars by Rosendorf and Jimmy Demer wreak havoc on Daniel Hoffman’s piercing violin magic. The video weaves together otherworldly imagery that feels ancient and dystopic, but the movement and color palette engage buried secrets and we can’t look away. After one last exhalation, “Immer Besser” drifts into forever.

Internal Return is out now. Listen and order it HERE.

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