Foxy Digitalis Mix Series Season 3, #33: Jason Calhoun

Once the melodic ghosts of Jason Calhoun’s small circle can be seen, the corporeal drifts hidden in the hidden recesses of these songs already have their claws embedded. Subtle tonal shifts and small, frenetic movements cloud the forward paths we lurk along, but once the destination is revealed, it’s as though we’ve unlocked a new part of ourselves. Even the harshest edges move the needle toward a gentler side, but there are mountains of aural layers to traverse before those particular vistas are revealed. small circle is an immersive and deep work that invites close and repeated listens. It is out today on Dear Life Records


ylayali – cool burnout
foresteppe – pervoe slovo dorozhe vtorogo
A. F. Jones – lamps are stars
Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann – Lamplighter
Portrayal of Guilt – Dirge
Jon Collin – The Big Mosses
apologist – never try
Josh Mason – High Hazard
Lung cycles – Your bridge
Brahms – Shimmer
Cla-ras – Takin no notice of joy (shortwave edit)
Anonymous 4 – Hymn: Cum Vox Sanguinis

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