Songs of Our Lives #2: Nina Dante

For this episode of Songs of Our Lives, I invite soprano, composer, and my favorite snake-loving witch, Nina Dante, on the show. Nina’s channel, The Snake Said to the River is among my favorite things on the internet, and her full-scale embrace of whimsy and magic is inspiring to me. We have a blast talking about falling for The Boss, questioning if The Bangles were cringeworthy or not, the power of Nina Simone, and so much more.

Listen to all of Nina’s picks HERE

The Snake Said to the River on Instagram

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Nina Dante + Bethany Younge Lizard Tongue

Songs of Our Lives is a podcast series hosted by Brad Rose of Foxy Digitalis that explores the music that’s made us and left a certain mark. Whether it’s a song we associate with our most important moments, something that makes us cry, the things we love that nobody else does, or our favorite lyrics, we all have our own personal soundtrack.

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