Track Premiere: Lea Bertucci “Vapours”

Intersecting threads bind Lea Bertucci’s “Vapours” to an ephemeral point on the horizon. Elegiac string arrangements are in constant, subtle motion, sparked into action by the world’s decay moving from the margins into its core. Commissioned and performed by Italy’s Quartetto Maurice, Bertucci’s composition finds life in sparse textures and connection in the unseen spirit that surrounds us. 

“More so than any of my other music, I don’t feel that these works belong to me,” Bertucci shares. “There is something about them that is beyond myself as an individual and provides, if anything, a brief glimpse into what it is to be human in what feels like these waning days of the Anthropocene.”

Of Shadow and Substance will be released on December 1 by Cibachrome Editions. Stream below and pre-order HERE.

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