Ancient Child: Hillbilly French #20

Ancient Child is also available on YouTube.

More info on the music played HERE.

It’s a Night People edition!


Daughters of the Sun – FTW
Peaking Lights – Two Songs for Ceremony Side B
EMA – Hey Boy
Blonde God – Bells Overheard from the Park
Pocahaunted – Beast That You Are Side B
Tent City – Cascade Trinkets #3
The Savage Young Taterbug – Slumber Lordy
Truth Syrum – Sweven
Twelve Canons – In Vein
David West – Drop out of Collage Side B
Dunebuggy – Money Honey
Eternal Tapestry – The Mountain’s Foot
Lantern – Bleed Me Dry
Raccoo-oo-oon – Visage of the Fox
Lazer Zeppelin – When Michael Calls
Fingers Pty Ltd – He Said…Knuckleduster
EMA – Mouth Like the Sun
Evan Miller – Spell Against Forgetfulness
Hell & Bunny w/Mike Khoury – Restitution Side B
Pascal Nichols – Folkal Figure
Ela Orleans – I Know

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