The Seltzer Salon #16: Vinny Golia

After a week off (to put all the focus on Songs of Our Lives), The Seltzer Salon returns with a real heavy hitter. Vinny Golia is an all-time great. A composer, multi-instrumentalist, big thinker, teacher, and so much more, all of these facets show up in his project, Even to This Day. The second Movement, Syncretism: For The Draw, is out now and stretches across nearly 12 hours and 110 tracks. Collaborators include Susan Alcorn, Chas Smith, Nels Cline, Alkis Nicholadis, and so many more. It’s a sprawing, magnificent document. Golia talks about contributing to the positive vibrations of the universe, a notion that resonates with me, and it’s a jumping off point for this conversation (along with so many other things).

Even to This Day, Movement Two: Syncretism, For The Draw

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