The Seltzer Salon #17: Green-House

When I first heard Green-House and read the description of Olive Ardizoni’s project back in early 2020 with Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, I felt an instant connection to the music and the ideas it conveyed. Since then, they have harvested growing sonic landscapes that, while adjacent to those early ideas, expand upon them to build a deeper conceptual framework. Green-House is now a duo with Ardizoni and Michael Flanagan, and on their new album, A Host for All Kinds of Life, the sharpest aural fields emerge. Ardizoni and Flanagan create inviting soundscapes that may have a gentle surface sheen, but inside are infinite folds, exploring the radical nature of joy and pleasure in an ever-darkening world. I was thrilled to talk to Ardizoni about these ideas and the gilded edges this music carves.

A Host For All Kinds of Life

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