Track Premiere: Anne Malin “Carry It All”

Photo by Monica Murray

Messages find us when we need them the most, sometimes embedded in a memory, other times sung in the gentle, comforting voice of Ted Lucas. Anne Malin was at a tough intersection when “Carry It All” found her. “My friend sent me this song last winter as my life was in the midst of a major shift—a breaking apart, really—and I knew I needed to make some changes, including leaving Nashville,” she says. Across the plaintive guitar strums, Anne Malin’s voice is a worn, tender thread tying drifting sonic fragments generated by Ross Collier together. When things fall apart, new paths spring from the wreckage, and the chance to build ourselves up with stronger roots begins. Ted Lucas’s words are a blanket in Anne Malin’s hands as she presses through, each word a stinger as her voice rises and never breaks. “I play the fool just for a day. I’ll find a way to carry it all,” carries the weight of it all, a welcome dagger to cut through the walls hiding the truth all around us.

“This song helped me see the joy in self-protection, the responsibility of it all, and the gift of knowing your own story even if you hold it close, keep it private,” Anne Malin shares. “So much life can be embedded in these lyrics, and I continue to find healing in this song.” Painful memories may remain as echoes, but their hold dissipates across distances, the ripples slowly fading to a background hum. Against the rising aural tide, Anne Malin is a mountain frayed by time but determined as ever to embrace the new dawn.

“Carry It All” is available to stream below and purchase via Anne Malin’s Bandcamp page HERE.

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