Video Premiere: VÍZ “Wake up where the clouds are far behind me”

VÍZ is the moniker of Hungarian multi-disciplinary artist Réka Csiszér. Following on from last year’s debut, Veils, Csiszér worked with Italian director, Radiana Basso, to create the experimental short film, “Wake up where the clouds are far behind me.” Visceral imagery pairs with creeping sonics and crawling narratives to explore themes of ‘womanhood, disconnection, abortion, alienation, and the resolution of trauma on a material level,’ spread across three acts.

The visual elements of “Wake up where the clouds are far behind me” emerge from a spontaneous exchange between Basso’s guidance as a director and Csiszér’s bodily expressions. Csiszér embodies diverse personas while confronting a range of scenarios, channeling her movements, along with the aural backdrop, into moments of catharsis and connection. “As a woman, one can have different experiences with trauma in society. It’s either triggered by the outside, how you’re being treated, or it’s based on internal trauma (the hidden trauma that is unconsciously experienced),” Csiszér shares. “The diverse personas in this film reflect/confront these themes and are guided by male commentary on a level that is purely meta. The decision to make these voices disembodied, without any visible physical presence, creates the feeling of a psychotic experience, oscillating between memory, paranoia, and reality.”

By approaching this project without preconceived ideas, the duo relinquished control and placed trust in the organic flow of their ideas. It’s a remarkable and unforgettable work.

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