Foxy Digitalis Mix Series Season 3, #35: Global Pattern

There is so much music that exists in the vaporwave-adjacent arena that it’s totally overwhelming to navigate at times. It’s a soundworld I find so appealing and am often interested in, but knowing where to turn (or even start) is tough. Enter Global Pattern. The Paris-based label operates in this general region (though that sells short the incredible sonic diversity the label explores), and I’ve learned that I can just about throw a figurative dart at their catalog to pick something, and it’ll scratch some kind of itch. Tim Six put together this label showcase together for Foxy Digitalis and it is an absolute delight.

Global Pattern can be found on BandcampInstagram, and Twitter.


00:00 Reather Weport – Pattern #4
06:04 from tokyo to honolulu – 静かで落ちる
08:11 P U D E R P O L L I – パン粉チーズとジャガイモ
10:17 Neroli Night – Solitude
12:50 Reather Weport – Pattern #3
17:18 days of blue – water reflection
22:36 Sinobus – wish granted
27:56 metra.vestlud – System Settings
31:30 Bathroom Plants – Digital Organics Beyond the Horizon of Time
36:01 Cyber Surfer 3D – White Path
40:52 愛kastrina愛 – ? ? ?
45:10 Dyamur – A.I. Wildlife
48:45 dotnds & FLYBY UNIFORM – dreaming all the time part two
55:19 ESIAFI 1 – 传输测试

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