The Seltzer Salon #20: Carlos Niño

I’ve often wondered, while listening to any number of Carlos Niño’s projects or records, what a typical day of his looks like. I used that as a jumping off point to talk to him about collaboration and working as a producer, particularly his involvement with Thandi Ntuli’s beautiful new record, Rainbow Revisited. He shared stories about what drew him to her sound, touring Europe with Laraaji, and the community that makes his work hum. Carlos’s latest record, (I’m just) Chillin’, on Fire is out now on International Anthem.

(I’m just) Chillin’, on Fire

Rainbow Revisited

Carlos Niño on Bandcamp

***Please Note that this is the last stand-alone Seltzer Salon episode as future conversations will now be part of the Foxy Digitalis Podcast**

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